Most common questions.

- The minimum age is 21 years old with 1 year driving experience required.
The minimum rental period is 1 day (24h).
Yes, it has a dayly cost of 3€ for each driver added to the rental agreement. When you pick up the vehicle, you should say you want to add another person to the rental agreement and present the documentation from each one (ID, driver’s license).
No. The vehicle can only by driven by the drivers listed in the rental agreement. The violation of this rule may cause serious consequences, being the main driver in the rental agreement responsible for all the losses and damage caused to the vehicle, to third parties and any illegality against the authorities.
- VAT - Basic insurance ( Excess needed )*
- Unlimited mileage
- Full maintenance
- 24h road assistance
*The excess varies depending on category
You can contact AP Rent a Car because of lost objects inside the car, but keep in mind that AP Rent a Car isn’t responsible for objects left in the vehicle due your rental.
In case of accident you must:

* Call the authorities (112)
* Fill the Declaration of Friendly Car Accident
* Contact AP Rent a Car

- Ask from other(s) involved in the accident:
* Name, address and phone number
* Driver's license number, date and place of issue
* Charactheristics and registration number of the other(s) vehicle(s)
* Insurance number and company.
You can contact us (+351 912345305 or +351 926997183) or travel assistance (the number is along with the vehicle’s documents).
Yes you can, but please keep in mind that we will not refund you.
No, the kilometers are unlimited.
Yes, you just need to request this with our booking central.
Our emergency numbers are +351 912345305 and +351 926997183. The authorities number is 112
Yes. You should contact our booking central through the phone numbers +351 912345305 or 351 926997183 or by email geral@aprentacar.pt, indicating the booking number. But you have until 48h before the pick-up date to inform us, otherwise the deposit will not be refund.
Any insurance aren't valid in the cases of negligent behavior, misuse, driving by the influence of alcool or any illicit substances, tires and damage in the top, bottom or interior of the vehicle.
You will receive an email from us with the specifications and confirmation.
The excess will only be eliminated when you contract the full insurance, valid for any vehicle. Otherwise the excess will vary according to the vehicles.
Credit Cards: Mastercard and Visa
All the traffic fines occurred during the rental period are the driver’s responsibility and they should be paid before returning the vehicle. When traffic fines are received by AP Rent a Car after the rental, we report the rental agreement holder to the police. All expenses due traffic fines and others situations in the rental, are the driver’s responsibility.